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After-the-Fact Log of My 24-Hour Playwriting Experience

Friday July 3, 2009 See earlier post Preparing for 24 Hours of Frantic Playwriting So yesterday I did indeed hand in my entry for the Toronto Fringe Festival 's 24 Hour Playwriting Contest. I was thinking of blogging throughout the contest, but decided against that pretty quick - a few Twitter updates were all I managed. But before the whole experience disappears into an even blurrier memory than it already is, I'll outline how the 24 hours played out for me (Since judging for the contest is done blind and is going on right now, I'll avoid making any actual reference to the content of my script). Besides the Twitter updates these times are all approximate, but roughly speaking here's how my day o' play went down: JULY 1st 6pm-7pm Arrived at the Fringe Beer Tent and asked a volunteer where the playwrights should be for the contest launch. Was told the launch would be inside the Fringe Club (which is not what the email said). Went inside, where a sign directed me b