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Compositions from the Kitchen - The Return of Magnetic Poetry

My mother gave Magnetic Poetry Kits to both Steve and I for Christmas. Mine was nature themed and Steve's was for haikus, but since the haiku set was full of nature words as well, we decided to amalgamate them into a single mega-set. Behold! I actually had an original Magnetic Poetry Kit and a Shakespearean bonus set when I was young (also gifts from my mother). I don't recall how often I used them as a tween/teenager, though I seem to recall that I would compose one short work and leave it on the fridge for months on end. Which really fails to embrace the inherent strengths of the medium, I think. So will the same thing happen again? Only time will tell. But for now, here is a first foray into my career as an adult fridge poet: Listen to Lichen Listen to lichen Smile at seeds Make friends with a mushroom Walk with the weeds. ART!  (I will have to give up on rhyming pretty quick. There just aren't that many options)