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There's Something About Angus

Monday August 13, 2012 In which I ramble about animation choices, a topic on which I have absolutely zero expertise.  (If you already know all about using white rims to humanize the eyes of drawn animals, you may want to skip down to the "But What About Angus?" section.) [I took the photos in this post; all images from Disney films were available on the official movie download and gallery pages available at , ,and   Some images have been cropped for commentary purposes.] Why? Chicken eye. The first time I saw Disney Pixar's Brave , I paid a lot of attention to the way the animals' eyes were animated.  If you've seen the movie, you probably noticed it too, although you may not have noticed yourself noticing it. The thing is, in real life you don't see much of the whites (or sclera ) of many animals' eyes, unless they are looking sideways or are angry/scared/upset.  Yet cartoonishly ani

Further Education: Felt, Foam, and Fun Fur

Friday August 10, 2012 When I was a kid, my mom would often spend part of her summers taking classes to increase her skills and qualifications as a teacher (and later as a teacher-librarian). I always respected that, and have grown up to be a big fan of the idea of lifelong learning.  Now that I'm an adult (or so I'm told), my problem is that I have multiple careers on the go, and none of them have a clear continuing-education path.  I'm constantly coming across classes and workshops of interest, but with a split focus and limited budget, I rarely* sign up for any of them. Well, last weekend Steve and I finally took the plunge and committed to learning some new skills.  So, with all those choices, what did I go with?  Here's a hint: "O, pardon me thou bleeding piece of earth..." Then there was this: Somebody needs to pull on his butt...  And also this: Quite the baby.  And quite the babysitter. Above photos all courtesy of Mike P