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Universal Language

by Marilyn Anne Campbell Stage play: Sci-fi comedy, one-act, 2W/2M/1 either When low-level staff at an interstellar supply station find themselves on the frontlines of alien contact, workplace dissatisfaction could lead to an inter-species incident.  First Production: Universal Language  premiered in August 2015 at Otherworld Theatre's first  Paragon: A Sci-Fi and Fantasy Play Festival in Chicago Illinois. Taking place at the The Public House Theatre, Paragon presented 40 short plays in 2 days. (Performance date: August 23rd) Directed by Lauren Fields Literary Manager / Festival Programmer: Elliott Sowards Featuring: Chloe Baldwin as Zapanta D. Matthew Beyer as Montis William Delforge as Stanton Maureen Mizener as the Regional Manager Claire Allegra Taylor as the Assistant / Alien Read a review of the festival by Janna Lyhus who highlighted Universal Language as "fantastic" and a "masterwork."   A Little History Universal Lan

FringeKids! 2015: Thumped!

Sunday July 5, 2015 Thumped!  doesn't appear in the printed Toronto Fringe Festival guide because it was a late addition to the FringeKids! lineup, brought in at the last minute to replace an out-of-town show. Production company Ten Toes wasn't even on the Waiting List after the lottery draw in November, which suggests that the Fringe organizers ran through quite a few companies before finding someone so ready-to-go on short notice. It's a nice thing that Thumped! was added to the lineup, because with a simple story and a focus on movement, it's a good show for the very youngest Fringe-goers and can serve as a suitable first-time theatre experience. Thumped! follows rabbit friends Chase and Hide (Emma Letki and Kelly Morden, though I confess to not remembering which one was which)  as they set out to follow a map to a secret carrot patch. This is essentially a dance show for kids, with large stretches of stage time dedicated to the bunnies moving through their