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The Knight's Errand

by Marilyn Anne Campbell Stage play: Theatre for Young Audiences, one act, 4 performers King Arthur, Lancelot, and Percival recount the story of Ferldamed, a lesser-known knight of The Round Table who must overcome his fear of the dark and his general lack of knightly skills both to run a simple errand and to save his friends from a fearsome foe. A rhyming play. Read an excerpt from  The Knight's Errand Premiere: Poster  ©  Child's Play Theatre The Knight's Errand  premiered as an outdoor production in July 2015. Nova Scotia's  Child's Play Theatre  performed the show busker-style on the Halifax Waterfront. (Performance dates: July 4, 5, 11, 12) Directed by Carolyn Thomas Produced by Zara Tufts Featuring: Carey Bray as Ferldameld Dana Thompson as King Arthur Jessica Oliver as Percival Luciana Silvestre Fernandes as Lancelot Other Productions: A revised version was presented at   Storybook Land Theatre  in Aberdeen, South Dakota,