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Favourite Plays and Playwrights

Into by Dave Carley I've never seen a single Dave Carley play staged, but I bought a book containing three of his plays on a whim. Ever since then "Into" has been one of my favourite plays and Dave Carley one of my favourite playwrights. Halo by Josh MacDonald Just like "Into", I've never seen "Halo" staged, but instead bought the book while browsing one day. Frankly, any plot involving a Tim Hortons coffee shop and a possible miracle is enough to catch my eye. In this case, what I found in those pages did not disappoint. Raised in Captivity by Nicky Silver After seeing a student production of this at York University I quickly bought myself a copy of the script. Something about the theme of the story and the strangeness of the telling grabbed me. I also love to use characters who are present on the stage without being present in the reality of the scene, which Silver makes great use of a letter-writing prisoner. Picasso at the Lapin A

Working for

My Time as an City Guide From November 2007 until July 2013 I was's Guide to Toronto. I wrote reference articles geared to newcomers along with tips for long-time residents. I also blogged about the city's current news and special events, prepared a weekly newsletter, and provided my own digital photographs to accompany all of my writing. Eventually, the person who takes over my job may choose to edit or remove my content, but for now you can check out: A profile of the Etobicoke Humane Society Information on Toronto Theatre for Young Audiences A guide to visiting the Centennial Park Conservatory ... to get an idea of what I did. Working for About Unlike many content sites, has a thorough hiring process, and only selects one writer to serve as an expert for each topic. They provide ongoing training and support, but each guide determines how to best cover their topic. was owned by the New York Times Company when I sta