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What I'm Reading: Fauna by Alissa York

 Sunday September 19, 2010 Just finished reading Fauna by Alissa York, which I loved.  My Goodreads review is below: Fauna by Alissa York My rating: 4 of 5 stars I knew I was likely to love the content of this book before I even started reading - it's set in Toronto right where I used to live, and focuses on the intersections between the lives of people and urban animals, which I love. But this is also the first book I've read by Alissa York and now I can also say that style-wise, she's fantastic. Both her human and non-human characters show distinction and depth. She also has a great sense of when incredibly well-researched details about the everyday actions of her characters will add to the story, ranging from what it's like to operate a car crusher to what wildlife officers face during a search - or what a raccoon faces during a search for food. Just an all-around great book that's one of my new favourites. View all my reviews