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A Package from IPFF HQ

Friday December 19, 2014 Mail is fun. Not so much bills, but real mail. Like, "hey, here's a big brown envelope with my name hand-printed on it" mail. It's even more fun when inside said envelope are mementos from the International Pancake Film Festival. While, sadly, I could not travel to attend the premiere of "The Shrove Tuesday Speech " in Massachusetts last month, festival organizers made sure a little of the silliness came to me: Inside the envelope. Pancake event patch. I shall find a place of honour for it. IPFF crazy pancake filmmaker sticker. The program. Putting the "International" in IPFF! If you happen to be in Chicago next week, there's a repeat performance of the International Pancake Film Festival taking place this Monday December 22 at FLAT Gallery. There will also be Æbleskivers, which are apparently Danish pancake balls, which I didn't know were a thing, but now that I do know, I have a