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Virtual Animal News Replaced by Real Animal News

Saturday August 14, 2010   My Examiner error message Toronto Animal News is Temporarily Offline No, I didn't leave my new writing job that quickly.  But just did a major redesign and it seems that all of my pages - along with those of many other newish Examiners - haven't been migrated to the new system yet.  It's frustrating, since there are a lot of animal stories going on in the city right now, but the developers say they're working on it.  I'm hoping everything will be back up and running by the time the weekend is over. Whenever the migration happens I'll also have a shiny new url to share with you. Gizmo and Gadget, Meet the Great Outdoors However in real animal news, Steve and I finally suited up our two indoor cats for their first on-leash adventure into the backyard.  Unfortunately I don't have any pictures since I wanted to be able to focus on the task at hand, but I'm sure I'll get some during out future excursi

Writing Round-Up: Sunday August 8th, 2010

Sunday August 8, 2010 Butterflies are part of my new beat! I mentioned last week that I should have some web writing news and indeed I do - I now cover Toronto Animal News for  Although I repeatedly tell anyone who will listen that I'd like to spend more time on fiction, this is an opportunity to write about something I spend a lot of time following anyway.  There's actually a large redesign pending for Examiner, so I've decided not to do a lot of promo until I've got a bit more content built up and the site gets its new look, but I'm already enjoying it! On Toronto Animal News this past week: Toronto Butterfly Festival coming to Tommy Thompson Park 2010 CNE Horse Show and HorseCapades free before The Ex begins City council candidate wants Toronto to stop the sale of dogs and cats in local pet stores On Toronto this past week: Toronto Fails to Make Frommer's Top Subway List 140 Olympic Medals and One Hockey Puck Plus the

Writing Round-Up: Sunday August 1st, 2010

Sunday August 1, 2010 As usual these days, the past week didn't involve nearly as much writing as I would have liked, and really no fiction.  Still, I did connect with an old friend and we talked about potentially working on a script together, which is exciting.  I should also have news early next week about some new web writing I'll be doing. On Toronto this week: Is Canada's Best Restroom in Toronto? New Rules for Young Drivers 1000 Subscribers Needed for Bike Sharing Program Things to Do in Toronto This Weekend: Friday July 30th - Monday August 2nd, 2010 Plus updates to the August and September event calendars