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Are You Watching "Last in Space"?

Wednesday January 1, 2014 Happy 2014 everyone! So, how about a new web series to watch in the new year? Some friends are part of the team behind a new sci-fi comedy that launched just as 2013 was coming to a close. As the "Last in Space" Facebook page explains: " In the future, when humans finally get it together enough to explore the cosmos, we'll find EVERY other race already has. We're the Last In Space.... and the only thing left to do is work entry level jobs." Wong and Smith are two such workers, who are stuck flying side-by-side as they lay warp tracks through space. It's office banter beyond Earth's orbit! The series is airing with SciFiRiot on YouTube , with the first two already posted. Here's the Premiere Episode: And here's the second (and yes, having your name mentioned in an episode was one of their Indiegogo perks ): They've already shot thirteen episodes, so you can watch for the rest on SciFiRio