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Another Year, Another Frenzy

Saturday March 24, 2012 Taking place every April, Script Frenzy is an online event that challenges writers to hunker down and, in just thirty days, hammer out 100 new script pages for any medium - film, television, web series, stage play, radio play, or graphic novel. After first wanting to take part in Script Frenzy in 2004, I finally dove in last year and succeeded in writing 100 new script pages during April 2011 by completing several short stage plays. Now, that's a perfectly valid Script Frenzy "win", but it still didn't feel quite right.  I like the idea of using Script Frenzy to write a complete first draft of something which will run at least 100 pages, and finishing that first draft during April, no matter how many more pages it takes. So That's the Plan for This Year I wasn't thinking about Script Frenzy when a new screenplay idea started tumbling around in my brain in late February, but once I started seeing writers on Twitter men