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Rereading Like the Dickens?

Steve has a whole shelf of Dickens, and a whole bookcase of classics. I... don't . Every December Steve rereads  A Christmas Carol  by Charles Dickens.* He started doing it long before we met ("Since the late 80s, early 90s, I guess", he says). Whenever I comment on his commitment to this seasonal reread with amazement, he says something like "It's not a long book," and leaves it at that. The thing is, I rarely reread anything. Even many of the books on my favourites list  are ones I've read only once, or twice at best. The biggest exceptions are the books I kept returning to as a kid, like The Velveteen Rabbit  and Where the Red Fern Grows , but aside from Charlotte's Web  even most of my childhood favourites haven't been reread in adult-hood. So. As illustrated by the talented Walt Sturrock. This past December I read  A Christmas Carol  too. Of course I knew the story from many adaptations but I thought I was rea