Patriotic Shenanigans vs. Playwriting Contests

Saturday June 12, 2010

After enjoying taking part in the Toronto Fringe Festival's 24-Hour Playwriting Contest for the first time last year, I was planning to take another run at it in 2010.  But now details of the 2010 installment have been announced and it turns out most of the writing is scheduled to take place on Canada Day.  Last year the evening of Canada Day was when we learned what four items had to be included in the play, with most of the writing taking place on July 2nd.

I know it should be a small difference, but with all the fun, free things to do in Toronto on Canada Day (which I'm well aware of due to I just can't seem to get excited about spending that particular day sitting inside at the computer.  Of couse I may still change my mind before the sixty spots in the contest have been filled, but right now I'm definitely leaning towards a bit of off-the-page advenutre on July 1st.

The strangest part is, I may very well do nothing special for Canada Day, but I like to know the option is there.  I ever-so-briefly worried this means I'm not serious enough writing, but then I thought about the script I wrote last year for the contest... and in this case, "serious" does not apply.