Script Frenzy Update

Sunday April 17, 2011

Three weeks ago I wrote about my plans to finally participate in Script Frenzy. The challenge is to write 100 script pages in the month of April, and I was choosing to tackle it by:
  • Finishing an in-progress stage play for kids
  • Completing a full first draft of the new play for teens I've been researching for the past few months, and
  • Writing another short play to make up whatever difference was left between those two projects and the 100 page goal
So, it's several days past the half-way mark. If I were following the divide-the-work-up-evenly method (3.33 pages per day), by April 17th I should have around 57 pages done.

I'm at page four.

Now, this isn't actually as bad as it sounds. Those four pages have completed the first draft of the play for kids, and they certainly weren't all I wrote. Rather than diving headlong into new pages (as is the Script Frenzy way) I spent a lot of this month revising and refining - four pages is all I'm willing to count however, because that script is only four pages longer than when I started. But the draft is done, and for me that's far better than a robust Frenzy page count.

So do I still have a chance to finish this thing? Sure. Seven and half pages a day would get me there, although I'm actually planning on a massive binge over the coming Easter weekend. That gives me a few days to collect my notes and outline Play #2 before I dive in.

As for Play #3, well, there'll still be one last weekend in April...