Frenzy Update: There's Still Time! There's Still Time!

Saturday April 28, 2012

Well, after announcing over a month ago that I was:

A) Going to participate in Script Frenzy 2012 during the month of April


B) Planning to blog about my progress

I figured it was about time I started doing those things.

Off to a Very Late Start

Image of my pocket watch at 11:05
Eleventh hour, anyone?
Although I wrote three and a half pages on the first day of April, I quickly realized I didn't know nearly enough about my characters or my plot to be writing yet.  I'm not a meticulous planner, but I do like to start with a rough outline, at least in my head, of both the sequence of events and the arc of each character.

On April 1st, I had none of those things.

So I continued pondering my script idea, doing research and taking notes, and telling myself that very soon I should get back around to the actual writing.

Yesterday, on the 27th of April, I finally went back to creating actual script pages. Now, with two days left in the month, I've written a grand total of 36 out of the 100 pages required for a Script Frenzy "win".

I should probably be more worried/panicked/disappointed-in-myself than I am, but the fact is if I had forced myself to keep writing earlier, I doubt I would have liked what I came up with.  As is, while it's already obvious that those 36 pages are going to need a LOT of work, overall I like the results of my late start.

Hopefully I'll get to 100 pages before Tuesday, but mostly I'm just hopeful that over the next few months I'll create a new screenplay I'm excited about.

Best Writing Buddy Ev-ah!

All of that said, my favourite part of this year's Frenzy is that I convinced my partner he should Frenzy it up as well, and he agreed.  This is his first attempt at a screenplay, and he's further along than I am.  Fun!