My Favourite Flash Fiction, Vol. 1

Tuesday May 8, 2012

Several years ago I started reading Every Day Fiction, a website which posts a new piece of flash fiction, well, every day.  EDF defines flash fiction as stories which are 1000 words or less, so reading it is a fun way to constantly sample a variety of voices and ideas with a low time commitment.  As a result, over the years I've collected links to what I think are some great examples of flash fiction.

EDF has released several "best of"
print anthologies of their own.

Now obviously what makes for good flash fiction is a matter of taste, and I'm sure plenty of people will disagree with my picks (be warned, I have a particular affection for anything silly, or involving animals).  But fantastic finds are always made more fantastic by the sharing, so I'm going to start emptying my "Favourite Fiction" bookmarks folder out on this blog, a few links at a time.

My Favourite Flash Fiction, Vol. 1

Frankenstein's Monsters
by John Wiswell
Posted on Every Day Fiction September 26, 2009
Remember what I said about liking things silly?  This would be one of those.  I also love when people take  well-known stories and characters and have some fun with them, so John Wiswell wins on all fronts.

In the Cards 
by Lori Dyan (Cdn)
Posted on Every Day Fiction September 17, 2009
A fun and clever and take on post-breakup revenge.

By Eric Del Carlo
Posted on Every Day Fiction September 22, 2009
High-concept flash fiction straddling the genres of war, horror and sci-fi, with just the right amount of twist near the end.

Destination: Beach
By John A. Mackie (Cdn)
Posted on Every Day Fiction October 10, 2009
A humorous little tale that earns bonus points for a Toronto reference.

Miss Flossy and the Ferals
By Krystyna Smallman (EDF interview)
Posted on Every Day Fiction October 19, 2009
A Persian's POV of life after cat-nabbing.

(And yes, I realize the fate of the ferals in Smallman's story is oversimplified, but in this case I'm okay with that).