Or We Could Call it Bonus Day

Tuesday January 1, 2013

I have a vague childhood memory of hearing some guy on a radio talk show explaining that if we used 364 days instead of 365, a year could be split up nice and evenly into months with an equal number of days. After searching online for alternative calendars, it seems likely he was talking about the International Fixed Calendar, which calls for 13 months of 28 days each. But I think the guy I was listening to was putting his own modern slant on the argument, which is why I remember him at all.

According to Wikipedia, the International Fixed Calendar calls for the 365th day to come at the end of the year and fall outside of any month. This is the part of the idea that I remember, except Wikipedia says it's often referred to as "Year Day". What I remember is the notion that this extra day essentially fall on the first day of the new year, and be called "Zero Day". Everybody could go out and celebrate like crazy on New Year's Eve, and we'd all agree that the next day was a write-off.

Today Doesn't Count...

His point was that everyone comes up with all these great resolutions for the new year, and then they're supposed to start putting them into action on the day of the year when they're most likely to have a terrible hangover. And even if you aren't a party-person, you likely went to bed a little later than usual on New Year's Eve and just want to enjoy your day off work on New Year's Day (assuming you're one of the lucky ones who get the holiday off).

(Except That it Totally Does)

Actually, I can't be sure that the guy I heard being interviewed actually called today Zero Day, or if that's just what my memory has named the idea. What I do know is that even if we don't reform the calendar, I love the thought that -- just for today -- all of the pressure should be off. Resolutions can wait until tomorrow. Today, just enjoy family, enjoy tasty leftovers, sleep in, gaze at the clouds, look at old photos, read a book... whatever you want. You made it through another year, so make this a great day to be alive.

Happy Zero Day, to one and all.