Delightful Drama at the ROM

Monday April 1, 2013

Recently Jorge Garcia (who played Hurley on Lost and Dr. Soto on Alcatraz) posted a series of photos on his blog, Further Dispatches, about his trip to the American Museum of Natural History. One thing he noted was that the "dioramas have a flair for the dramatic", and offered photos of moose vs. moose, lynx vs. rabbit, sharks vs. turtle, squid vs. whale, and hyenas vs. ridiculously oblivious early man.

I think it was because of his photos that when Steve and I were in the Natural History galleries at the Royal Ontario Museum this past weekend, I found myself more and more aware of some of the dramatic and amusing scenes that were playing out...

In a completely believable scenario, this Arctic fox is happily carrying off an unlucky Nearctic collared lemming. Totally natural.

Nearby, the polar bear is a little blasé about the seal at his feet, but since it's already been beheaded yet still seems to be staring up at him lovingly, I guess he can afford to take his eyes off it and scope out the crowd.

But, um, speaking of blasé, shouldn't this Eastern Chipmunk be a little more concerned about the wolf walking past him?

Seriously, this chipmunk is all, "That's right wolf, bring it."

Then there's the Canadian lynx and the snowshoe hare, who seem to have put aside their differences to form a crime-fighting duo, watching out over their fair museum from on high.

Unlike the lynx, this tiger from Asia sure hasn't given up his predatory ways. But for some reason he's focusing his efforts on a giant flower...

Must... kill... Arnold's Rafflesia.

And now it seems that the once sensible Arctic fox has also gotten confused about his mostly carnivorous ways and his habitat, and is stalking a Double coconut from the Seychelles Islands.  He appears to have dropped the lemming beside him.

Wait. That isn't the lemming. And it isn't prey. It's stalking the Double coconut too!

Vicious Star-nosed mole attack!

Seriously though, the ROM is awesome. We recently got a membership and it's really paying off (I even wrote about some of the lesser-known benefits of ROM membership for If you live near Toronto and you haven't been lately, I highly recommend a visit.

Just watch out for the mole.

He is on a RAMPAGE.