Video: A Little Citrus This Christmas

Tuesday December 24, 2013

It started with Thanksgiving, and now for Christmas the silly videos continued at our house:

When I was young, no one ever had to point out the little oranges to us on Christmas morning. They were happily devoured by my brother and I, and still are today.  Steve's not a big fan, but that just means that now I get the crate to myself.

Happy holidays to you and yours, whether or not you celebrate Christmas and whether or not you do so with citrus fruit.

Bonus Material!

Of course an epic production such as this deserves a few behind-the-scene photos. You know, capturing the magic and whatnot:

Basically I'm just making a mess at this point.

Mmm... edible puppet innards.

What clothespins were really made for.

Our elaborate in-home studio.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some set dressing to eat.

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