Getting Ready for a Script Frenzy

Sunday March 27, 2011

Just this morning I learned that today is World Theatre Day. To celebrate, I'm publicly announcing my ridiculous plan to write three plays in one month.

April is when Script Frenzy takes place, inviting writers at any level to try to write 100 script pages in a single month. There's no fee to participate and no judging of your results - all it takes to "win" Script Frenzy is to be one of the many people to reach the goal.

I've twice "won" NaNoWriMo, the partner challenge involving writing a novel during November, and really enjoyed the rush to finish. I first wanted to try the same thing with a screenplay years ago* and even registered at the Script Frenzy website, but the timing has never been right, with other projects mid-way through as March was ending.

The (Almost) Perfect Time to Frenzy

This March, I'm wrapping up months of research for a new play. Originally I planned to have written a first draft long before now, but I let myself get dragged into a maze of reading just one more book and watching just one more documentary. Now I realize I could research forever, so I'm going to dive into a draft to get things moving forward AND to help me find the actual questions that still need answering.

Coming Up Short

Perfect timing, right? With April starting on Friday, I've got a few days to organize my notes and otherwise clear the decks before I dive in. The only problem is Script Frenzy calls for 100 pages, and the stage play I'm working on is meant to be a one-act for teen audiences. Sure, I could just try to get it done in April and not officially participate in the Frenzy, but where's the fun in that?

The Three Play Plan

I have another play all outlined, intended for an even younger audience. I figure I'll try for a full first draft of that one too, but I'm not sure even it will entirely make up the page-count difference. Which brings me to Unknown Play Number Three, which I imagine will be a ten-minute piece I find myself desperately trying to fire off on April 30th.

Are You Joining the Frenzy?

If so, feel free to post a link to your profile in the comment section. I go by GreasySpoon and have a rooster statue as my profile pic.

If you'd like to be Writing Buddies with a rooster, I'm happy to oblige.

Hey, This Counts as a Youth Opportunity, Too!

The Script Frenzy Young Writer's Program is a special branch of the challenge just for kids and teens. If you're a young writer itching for a deadline, have a look!

*According to my user profile on the site, my first thought about taking part was way back in aught four. Eep!


  1. Wow that sounds like a good challenge! I like that you are winner just for finishing - which is the truth! I find finishing a project the hardest part, so if you finish three projects in one month you will definitely be a winner!! I am really excited for you!

  2. Thanks Jen!

    I'll be pretty impressed myself if I manage to get all three done in time :D


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