Youth Opportunities - Sunday March 6th, 2011

Sunday March 6, 2011

[UPDATE: It may be useful to browse these old listings as many programs are annual, but for more current contests and competitions, head to the Youth Opportunities page.]

**Every Saturday, urm... Every weekend I post about current youth opportunities that are open to submissions from Ontario residents, which naturally includes a lot of contests and competitions open to youth across Canada and the US. Please note I'm not attesting to the legitimacy or quality of anything listed here - read the fine print carefully and make your own judgement call, especially if a submission fee or creative rights are involved!**

Apologies for the minor delay (I'm starting to think I should call this a weekend round-up rather than a Saturday round-up). I only have two new opportunities for youth this week, but they're both pretty good ones, ready to reward great ideas. Have at 'em!

Great Questions of Canada Essay Competition
• Open to Canadian high school, college or undergraduate university students age 17-25
• Deadline is June 30th, 2011
The Historica-Dominion Institute's Great Questions of Canada Essay Competition invites students to submit a 1,500 word essay on one of six key debate topics:
• Founding Concepts
• Identity Revolution
• After Unity
• Canada & The World
• Heroes & Symbols
• Does History Matter?
Two first place winners (one in the English category and one in the French category) will be awarded $1,500 cash and flown to Ottawa for an awards ceremony while a first runner-up in each category will earn a $500 cash prize and a selection from the Historica-Dominion Institute books. All four winning essays will be published online. Teachers take note - any class with fifteen or more submissions will be considered for a prize of an Historica-Dominion Institute set of books. Visit the website to explore the debate topics and learn more.

The Awesome Foundation (Toronto Chapter at al)
• Open to anyone
• Deadline 15th of each month (ongoing)
Every month the Toronto Chapter of The Awesome Foundation for the Arts and Sciences will give $1000 to someone with an awesome idea, generally related to the city itself (Sayeth the website: "What would you do with $1000 to improve our city? Or to make it more fun? Or to prove a point? Or to solve a problem?"). This isn't specifically an opportunity for youth, but since it's open to anyone there's no reason teens can't apply.
  • Not in Toronto? The Awesome Foundation started in Boston, and there are plenty of other Awesome Foundation Chapters. Right now most are locally-based, but topic-related chapters seem to be on the way. You can even apply without attaching your idea to any chapter, so if you're anywhere with any kind of awesome idea, have a look at the website!

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