Changes to Youth Opportunities Listings

Sunday May 22, 2011

Happy Victoria Day Weekend all!

So after a few months of doing weekly round-ups of contests and such that are open to Ontario kids and teens, I've decided to try something a little different.

The Problem With The Old Set-Up

If you've been reading the blog posts you know that I would usually outline one or two newly-found contests or competitions, then include a list of previously highlighted youth opportunities sorted by deadline date. But the list was getting unwieldy, and I can't imagine it was terribly useful for anyone who'd missed the original explanation of each contest.

Now All Youth Opportunities Are On One Page

To try to remedy this, I've moved the listings to their own page. Now previously mentioned opportunities PLUS any new things I find will be collected together on the Youth Opportunities page (which you can also get to using the tab above).

To make things easier for anyone who visits the page frequently, I'll be marking new entries as NEW! for around a week after I add them, so it's easier to scan the page and see what's changed.

Weekly Posts May Continue...

I may continue to do a weekend post about youth in the news or just as a reminder when the Youth Opportunities page has been substantially updated - I haven't decided yet. And I may revert to the old style if it seems there's a preference for it.

Speaking of preferences, if you have an opinion on the new set-up versus the old, please let me know here in the comments.

Otherwise, check the Youth Opportunities page for new entries, such as the "Water's Worth It! Video Contest" - the deadline is June 1st!