2014 TIFF Kids Feature: "Side by Side"

Sunday April 20, 2014

This is a place-holder post, as I'm heading out to do family Easter things shortly, but I want to recommend "Side by Side" from the UK, which won the TIFF Kids Festival Jury Award Ages 11-13  and so will get an additional screening tomorrow (Monday April 21)!  That said, I also recommend both of the other feature-length award winners which will screen on Monday, "Regret!" and "Felix". Take your pick - they're all great!

"Side by Side" is about a brother and sister whose lives are in upheaval and set out on a quest together across the Scottish countryside. Unlike many sibling relationships in kids movies (which are often either antagonistic or buddy-buddy/ying-yang/perfect-partner-crime-solving-duo), "Side by Side" offers a fun and realistic look at siblings who can at once love and hate each other. They are both baffled by the choices their sibling makes, and yet offer each other the best chance they have at being truly understood.

Additional TIFF Kids 2014 Screening

  • Monday April 21, 1 p.m.
TIFF Kids recommends "Side by Side" for ages 10-13 and lists the Content Advisory as "Limited strong language, mild violence (pushing and shoving), discussion of deceased parents, physical injury/broken bones."

Visit http://tiff.net/festivals/tiffkidsfestival/filmschedule/side-by-side for more movie details. (Note: The additional screening does not appear on that page. It's listed here.)

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