Video: Peggy's Easter Song

Saturday April 19, 2014

Yes, I realize the Easter weekend has already started, but Peggy had a last-minute idea for a "When I'm Gone (Cups)" parody, and she wouldn't take no for an answer. So Steve and I helped her put this together late last night:

The Lyrics

"You've got your chocolate and your jelly beans
Your basket's filled with plastic straw
But before you eat your sweet Easter treats
Why don't you grab a chicken egg and start to draw?

Easter song, Easter song
I'm gonna sing my Easter song
That silly bunny has to wait
'Cause we've got eggs to decorate.
I'm gonna sing my Easter song.

Gather your family and hard-boil eggs
Then draw the wax design you please
You dunk it down in coloured dye
You let it soak then let it dry
You can buy gifts but you can't buy more memories.

Easter song, Easter song...
Can chickens sing an Easter song?
Can I sing or will I cluck?
Can I sing or just BUH-GUCK?
Well I already sang my Easter song!


And that is how you sing my Easter song."

The Other Holiday Videos

In case you missed them, this is the third of the fast and foolish holiday-themed videos to come out of our house. Previously there was:

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